Riveting Controls & Accessories

Riveting management can be supervised by different teams that are agile, efficient and easy to communicate with the operator. All electrical cabinets integrate a PLC to control the riveting machine.

C-500 standard control
The C-500 Control is the basic equipment that radial riveters have where it is possible to adjust, among other parameters, the riveting time and the counters:

  • Mode of operation: adjustment / semi-automatic
  • 7” touch screen.
  • General cycle counter and 5 programmable counters for warnings.
  • Hourly counters of the last 8 hours of production.
  • Shift counters for the current day and the previous day.
  • Riveting time control 0 to 5 sec.
  • Diagnostics and error messages.
  • Built-in Siemens PLC.
  • Two-hand safety control.
  • Possibility of switching via Ethernet with external siemens PLC.
  • Voltage 400V, 50HZ. Optionally other voltages.

AC Quality Assurance Systems: AC1 and AC2
The AC systems control the riveting pressure and travel so that the return is made based on a value entered electronically, differentiating good and bad parts based on the set parameters.

The AC-1 system is based on the absolute measurement of the head position. Measures the riveting path from the rest position of the machine.

The AC-2 system, however, is based on the measurement of the path relative to the reference surface and includes a floating system that touches the set of components to be riveted.

Control cabinet of RA-NCD flexible riveting centers
The electrical cabinet of AGME flexible riveting centers allows riveting of any geometric configuration that presents the location of the rivets simply by entering the sequence of the riveting process. It has an editable HMI for program management and can also optionally integrate QA quality assurance systems.


AGME Automated Assembly Solutions offers a wide range of riveting accessories that allow total adaptation to the production requirements of each process: standard and special buteroles, tools, clamps, dollies, pedals, heads with various buteroles, heads with different radii, among others. many.

  • Double or multiple buterola heads with fixed or adjustable distances between axes. These heads allow to reduce the riveting time.
  • Standard and special buteroles to obtain different geometries of the riveted head. Anti-rotation systems of buterolas
  • Fixtures for holding parts that are available as standard devices in the form of kits or mounted on manual or pneumatic carriages.
  • Elastic and mechanical clamps that guarantee the correct position of the components.
  • Heads with different radii to reach difficult-to-reach positions.

All these accessories are not only offered as standard but also tailored to the technical specifications of each process when a special solution is required.

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