Orbital Riveting Servo

AGME Automated Assembly solutions has developed the SRA-23 and SRA-15 orbital servo riveters with its own technology to integrate into special machines that require greater flexibility and capacity.

When rivets with very different final diameters have to be processed on the same machine, the AGME SRA series servo orbital riveters are the perfect solution:

  • AGME SRA-23 servo riveter to obtain final diameters from  8 to 23 mm in steel 400 N/mm 2
  • AGME SRA-15 servo riveter to obtain final diameters from 5 to 15 mm in steel 400 N/mm 2

Likewise, these riveting machines are also the best option when the heads are harder or have a larger diameter .

All of them are prepared to be vertically or horizontally integrated into larger machinery and are manufactured in two versions with different features:

  • AGME SRA-23 UCC / SRA-15 UCC servo riveter
    Orbital riveting head with electrical automation. It is an intelligent head that includes the control elements.
  • AGME servo riveter SRA-23 UC / SRA-15 UC
    Basic orbital riveting head without electrical automation. The client must carry out and integrate the control elements

The quality and reliability of these AGME orbital riveting heads are fully guaranteed as they are manufactured and developed entirely at AGME with proprietary technology, which allows us to control all production phases.

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