Flexible Riveting Centers

Its agile conversational man/machine dialogue system is very useful for programming the machine without having specific knowledge. Any programmer will quickly become familiar with the interface and will be able to create, edit or delete programs.

The control of the flexible riveting centers is carried out by a PLC 1500 from Siemens. This PLC manages the part programs and all the machine signals, sending the servodrivers the exact position where we want to perform the riveting.

Registered programs allow you to work with any number of riveting points as well as through-only points (to avoid obstacles).

With this control method you can:

  • Add, modify and delete part-programs assigned to each model. Total flexibility when managing the different riveting processes.
  • Within the riveting programs, modify and create new riveting points, displacement positions, modify speeds, etc.

Standard equipment includes mechanical stop riveting and optionally a third controlled Z-axis, or AC1 or AC2 quality assurance

Among all the existing models, with two or three servo-controlled axes, you will find the best solution that makes the riveting process more flexible, replacing chain lines, characterized by their rigidity when faced with changes in production.

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