Custom Riveting Machines

Our team of engineers, with extensive experience and qualifications in the development of efficient riveting solutions, analyzes the technical specifications of your part and the process to be carried out, determining which is the best riveting machine that meets your production requirements, even exceeding your expectations.

To do this, in our laboratory, our technicians carry out different riveting tests with your parts until an optimal result is achieved. Subsequently, our designers and production technicians will modify our riveters or standard heads, adapting them to the process required by the client and the type of part, designing and building the additional elements that are necessary to obtain the final result required.


  • Special dimensions: special neck, special frame…
  • Head units with front clamping, with motor located to the side
  • Special heads:
    Double roller flanging head for component flanging processes.
    Head with double or multiple buterola to reduce production times
    Heads with riveting speed higher than the standard
    Double head unit for simultaneous riveting of the ends of a piece
    With different radii, with special holders...
  • Riveters with special orbital system when the application requires it.
  • Special tools and supports , entirely designed and manufactured at AGME.
    Tools mounted on manual or pneumatic carriages.
    With poka-yokes, model detectors, fastening flanges, etc.
  • Special buteroles:
    To obtain different geometries of the riveted head.
    For semi-tubular rivets.
    Buteroles with special anti-rotation systems
  • Automatic feeding systems of the components in the tooling
  • Special systems for positioning the riveter at different points by means of pneumatic or electric carriages.

In this way, our standard riveting machines become optimal riveting solutions, tailored to the technical needs of each process.

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