RIVETing Machine Sales and servicing

Established in 1985, W. G. Challenor are dedicated to supplying riveting equipment to customers in the United Kingdom at a price that is affordable. Hundreds of machines have been supplied and we have many satisfied customers who regularly call upon us for assistance.

We offer:

  • General help and advice on riveting.
  • Riveting trials and tests on customer parts.
  • A riveting tool design and manufacturing service for most machines.
  • Second hand and rebuilt used riveting machines of all types.
  • Service and repair of most types of riveting machine.

If we can be of any help, we would be delighted to hear from you. Our demonstration unit is always available for customer visits. Simply contact us for details.

Rivetting Machine

Our customers include

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About W. G. Challenor

W. G. Challenor was formed in 1985 by Bill Challenor to satisfy a growing market for used riveting machines. Having been involved with riveting machines for many years, we were aware that a market existed for good quality riveting machines at affordable prices.

We have installed hundreds of machines in the United Kingdom and our customer list continues to grow at a rapid rate. Many leading companies have placed their trust in our products in a variety of industries.

Our showroom in Rugby is available for customers to visit for machine demonstrations. We are able to conduct tests on parts in order to ascertain the suitability of the machines prior to an order being placed. After 35 years specialising in Riveting Equipment we feel we have the experience and knowledge to offer the most suitable machines at the most cost effective price.

We still take great pride in providing our customers with used top quality machinery. If you have a requirement for additional machines and have not tried us, why not give us the opportunity to provide you with a quotation. We look forward to being contacted by you and making your company another one of our satisfied users.

The Radial Riveting System

Radial riveting system

The radial riveting system represents a vast improvement over other forms of riveting processes - the rivet head is formed with very little effort, and the material flows:

  • Radially outwards
  • Radially inward
  • Tangentially

The combination of these flows of material offers a riveted joint of excellent quality.

Radial riveting system


This diagram shows the movement of the head, forming the head of the rivet of into a semi-sphere and the diagram to the right shows it in better detail.

The radial riveting process originated in Europe, in the mid 1960s. The process is used for various other applications beside riveting.

Today, this process is the only one able to configure assorted materials. The versatility of the radial forming process has made it the worldwide market leader.

Orbital forming graphic


A common misconception is that radial forming is the same as orbital forming, but there are large distinctions between the two processes.

Radial forming displaces the material uniformly, at a constant speed. It is done in an 11-sided rosette pattern to ensure the displacement is uniform, and that it displaces the material consistently. The radial riveting process results in higher joint strength, and a superior finish.

Orbital forming displaces material at different rates when examined outwards from a part's centre.

W. G. Challenor Showroom in Rugby

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